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Behind A Great Company, There is DataOps

Recently, Amgen purchased the pharmaceutical unit of Celgene responsible Otezla for $13.4 billion. Otezla is not your typical run-of-the-mill M&A blockbuster. They are a DataOps pioneer. DataKitchen is proud to...

The Best DataOps Articles Q2 2019

The Best DataOps Articles of Q2 2019 Every quarter we sift through the media and analyst coverage of DataOps and create a list of the best articles for the most...

DataOps Data Architecture

The “Right to Repair” Data Architecture with DataOps We’ve been attending data conferences for over 20 years. It has been common to see presenters display a data architecture diagram like...

Eckerson Group Best Practices Report On DataOps

Leading a DataOps Cultural Revolution

Where Can I Learn More About DataOps?

Where Can I Learn More About DataOps? For more information on DataOps, checkout: The DataOps Manifesto DataOps Cookbook DataOps Videos DataOps News DataOps Blog DataOps SlideShare

Gartner Puts DataOps on the Rise in 2018

Gartner Recognizes DataOps and DataKitchen in latest ‘Hype Cycle’ Great to see @Gartner_inc including #DataOps ‘On The Rise’ in the latest Hype Cycle for Data Management. “Of particular interest, DataOps...

Banking On Data (Ops) White Paper

New DataKitchen Case Study: Banking on Data to Win in Financial Services

Eckerson Group Report On DataOps

Leading a DataOps Cultural Revolution

DataKitchen at MIT CDOIQ Conference

Date: July 18-20, 2018 Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Tang Building (E51), MIT East Campus, 2 Amherst St., Cambridge, MA, USA 02142

DataKitchen at Boston CAO Fall Conference

Date: October 8-11 2018 Location: Boston, MA

451 Group On DataKitchen

What did the 451 Group Say About DataKitchen?