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Ovum Research Puts DataKitchen On The Radar

Ovum Research Puts DataKitchen On The Radar

Ovum Research Recognizes DataOps and DataKitchen in latest ‘On The Radar Report’


DataKitchen brings lifecycle discipline to data science operations, helping deliver business insights by enabling the development and deployment of innovative and iterative data analytic pipelines.

Features and Benefits:

• Learn what DataOps means, how it is related to Agile, DevOps, and data science.

• Assess DataKitchen’s end-to-end DataOps solution. It requires minimal programming and integrates with core data engineering, science, governance and visualization tools currently used by the business.

Key questions answered:

• What is DataOps and how does it relate to current data science practices?

• How does DataKitchen tackle the problem of complexity in managing multiple machine learning application lifecycles?

Report here.