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Unicorn Project DataOps Book Excerpt

Unicorn Project DataOps Book Excerpt

Almost everyone in the software development world has read a Gene Kim book. His bestselling book, The Phoenix Project, focused on the challenges of software teams struggling to make an impact. Like many people in the software industry, I closely identified with the experiences the characters were having in the software development process.

I met Gene early in 2019 to ask his advice on how to turn DataOps into a standard practice in data analytics. I was hoping his experience as an early advocate for DevOps in software engineering could help my quest to advance the idea of DataOps as a necessary practice for teams analyzing data.

Over the next months, we had many conversations where I shared my experiences and challenges in the decade and half I spent working with data engineers, data scientists, data analytics that drove me to adopt DataOps principles.

Gene Kim DataOps

Gene Kim said: “Chris (Bergh) had a huge impact on the development of The Unicorn Project, and helped me see the parallel universe of DataOps.”

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Gene immediately saw the parallels to his work with DevOps. Then he synthesized those ideas into a great sub-plot in his latest book the ˜The Unicorn Project.™

Anyone working with data, analytics, reports, or predictive models will feel a kinship to the problems the teams encounter in the Unicorn Project and cheer them on as they apply DataOps best practices to succeed.

  • Please Follow this link to an excerpt from Chapter 14 of The Phoenix Project. Enjoy!*

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