Commercial Pharma Analytics Data Platform Solution

Commercial Pharma Analytics Challenges

Lost trust

Pharmaceutical sales & marketing organizations are under increasing financial, competitive, and regulatory pressure that makes it harder for them to do their jobs effectively.

Broken data feeds

Your world is demanding and dynamic. Requirements from sales, marketing and executives change constantly and the requests for new analytics never cease.

Poor data quality

Amazon next day delivery of insight -- your business customers are demanding and want immediate or next day delivery of new insight

Lost trust

You can't support your brand and sales teams with insights because data is complex, all over the place and not under your control.

Broken data feeds

Data Providers constantly have issues: When data errors work their way through the data pipeline into published analytics, internal stakeholders become dissatisfied. These errors also harm the hard-won trust of the analytics team

Poor data quality

Your internal partners can't support the need for rapid turn around, agility, with high data quality

A Managed Markets Data CDP

Key Insights

Problem: Managed Market teams are spending millions on data, systems, software, and ad hoc consulting. The problem persists with uninformed leadership and possibly misguided decisions, poor contract decisions and lack of pull through.

Our CDP fully integrates all relevant data so that key answers such as:
• Which major model groups rank as most important for your critical brands?
• How is brand performance tracking nationally and regionally by major model group?
• Which individual payers are most influential for your critical brands?
• How is brand performance tracking nationally and regionally by individual payer?
• How does formulary status influence market share and brand growth?

A Product Launch Data CDP

Product Launch

Problem: During a launch, brand team and sales management must rapidly alter their tactics and strategies to meet forecast.

• Analytic teams need an integrated CDP under their control
• They need a CDP that they can change rapidity yet have high quality data.
• They need to provide key insights to the management team and focus on anomalies within the sub-national market dynamics.
• Evaluate periodically whether a major shift in tactics is warranted. Forecast Change? Targeting change? Frequency change? Messaging change? Drop non-writers? Etc.

A Specialty Pharmacy Provider Data CDP


Problem: Life science organizations need to drive specialty therapy revenue by identifying new prescriber opportunities, optimizing treatment paths, and flagging approval roadblocks or improper use scenarios.

• Analytic teams need an integrated SPP data CDP under their control
• They must understand complex influence and distribution dynamics across their specialty networks
• They need op accurately measure payer contract ROI, optimize specialty pharmacy performance, drive sales, increase market share, and achieve better patient outcomes.
• Drive Access for local reimbursement and formulary placements
• Drive Adherence: understand patient treatment journeys for patient conversion and minimizing the negative impacts on patient outcomes and quality of life

A Non Personal Promotion CDP


Problem: Digital channels have disrupted the industry. NPP data sources have exploded with insight available on every aspect of your customer, their interaction channel, and their journey. They must leverage this insight to understand their customer and drive meaningful engagement

• Analytic teams need an integrated NPP data CDP under their control
• Measure the ROI of their marketing
• Less money marketing so they must measure results
• Need to integrate all channels and partners to get a 360 view of the customer
• Need to develop an NPP identifier for the physicians and link it other data internal

A Complete Commercial Pharma Analytics CDP

Pharma Analytics

Problem: You need all data linked and integrated in one place
• Subnational Launch Data
• Manage Markets Data
• Specialty Pharmacy Provider
• Non Personal Promotion Data
• Real World Evidence Data
• Sales Tracking Data
• Oncology and Rare Disease Data

Our solution

Data Engineer Tools
Lost trust

DataKitchen integrates sub-national, claims, Specialty Pharma Provider (SPP), market access, real-world evidence (RWE), nonpersonal promotion (NPP), marketing and sales data into a single, cross-channel Customer Data Platform (CDP) to support the launch and ongoing growth of your commercial products.

Broken data feeds

DataKitchen provides data engineers that have deep, unparalleled experience in the pharma industry and works as part of your team

Poor data quality

DataKitchen delivers via a cloud-based DataOps that allows an agile project delivery and option to train a transfer the CDP over to your internal team

Case Study

Celgene DataOps Case Study: Meeting the Product Launch Challenge with DataOps

It costs between $2-3B to bring a new pharmaceutical to market. When a new drug is introduced, it is already halfway through its patent life. This makes the first 6-12 months of a pharmaceutical launch critical to a product’s lifetime revenue. The vendor needs up-to-date information to allocate samples, plan marketing events, and monitor progress vs. goals. With so much at stake, pharmaceutical companies like Celgene make strategic investments to maximize product adoption and adherence during the initial phase of a drug product’s life cycle.

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Commercial Pharma Analytics at the Speed of Business, a Valecon Podcast

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